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Why choose VIPERsurf™?

Gain Increased Privacy and Security, Including on Public Wi-Fi


Private surfing is not limited to, nor is it just needed, in your home office. Whether you’re 30,000 feet in the air or in the backseat of a shared ride, we understand that your digital protection shouldn’t have to take a break.


In addition to protecting your IP Address from your Internet Service Provider (ISP), we also guarantee that ViperSurf does NOT store any of your information. This includes all sensitive data pertaining to which websites you visit, employee documents, financial reports, etc. Internal information stays just like that. Internal.


Running a business is like going to war. So why isn’t your company’s digital shield military grade? The NSA (U.S. National Security Agency) believes that Advanced Encryption Standard with 256-bit keys are necessary for the protection of ‘Top Secret’ information. We believe that company secrets should have that same level of protection, no matter the size of your organization. In a globalized economy, every company needs to be aware of the ubiquity of international hackers. Cybersecurity comes first and foremost nowadays for any company looking to future-proof themselves.