Windows VPN Client Setup



VIPERsurf uses OpenVPN, and runs entirely on open source software to ensure trust and transparency.

That means we don’t provide our own VPN client, so you can trust we aren’t looking at your traffic.

Below are in instructions on setting up your device to connect to the VPN.

Add Your Device

These steps below assume you have a VIPERsurf account and have created a configuration file for yourself. If you haven’t performed either of these steps, click the relevant links below

Get Your VPN Client

Install the OpenVPN application by clicking this link or by visiting their download page.

Open the installer once it has finished downloading to install

Installation 1

Accept the License Agreement

Make sure your settings match those to the image on the right, then click next.

Installation 2

Select your installation folder, then click install

The client will now install.

Installation 3

Click “Next” once the installation has finished.

Click “Finish” to end the installation


You should now see the OpenVPN client in your taskbar.

Right click it, and select “Import file…”

Navigate to the key file you downloaded

Right click the icon again, your key should now be listed with an arrow next to it.

Select “Connect”

Your Done!

You are now all set.

Happy Surfing!