iOS VPN Client Setup



VIPERsurf uses OpenVPN, and runs entirely on open source software to ensure trust and transparency.

That means we don’t provide our own VPN client, so you can trust we aren’t looking at your traffic.

Below are in instructions on setting up your device to connect to the VPN.

Get Your VPN Client

Find the “OpenVPN” app in the App Store and click “Install”.

Open upon installation.

Add Your Device


The next set of steps assumes you have a VIPERsurf account and have created a configuration file for yourself. If you haven’t performed either of these steps, click the relevant links below

Import Your Key

Once your key is downloaded, open the OpenVPN App and tap “OVPN Profile”

Agree to allow ‘OpenVPN Connect’ to access your system files to import the file.

Select the imported .ovpn file from your ‘Downloads’ folder. You should see a checkmark next to it after selecting it. Now tap “Import” at the top right

Name Your Key

Once your key has been imported, change the name of file (OPTIONAL). Then tap “Add”

You should now see a list with the file you just added

Tap the bubble to connect.

Create a Shortcut (Optional)

Tap the pencil icon next to the key name

Tap the “Set Connect Shortcut” button

Give it a name, tap “Create” and add it to your home screen.

Now tap the back button at the top left


Accept the request for OpenVPN to initiate the VPN connection.

You are now connected!


Increase Your Security 1 (Optional)

You should now be secure, however, there are some additional settings VIPERsurf recommends turning on for increased security.
Tap the menu icon on the top left and tap settings.
Check the setting “Reconnect On Reboot” and “Seamless Tunnel”

Increase Your Security 2 (Optional)

Change “Connection Timeout” to “Continuously Retry”
Uncheck “DNS Fallback”
Check “Shortcut Minimize”

Your Done!

You are now all set.

If not already connected, you can quickly connect to the VPN by tapping the shortcut you made earlier on your home screen.

Happy Surfing!